*Currently we offer in-person and online learning.

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Interested in:


  • Earning your high school diploma or a high school equivalency certificate (HiSET)?
  • Building your skills for career training or employment?
  • Going to college?

With our Adult Secondary Education (ASE) program, students can complete a-g approved* high school courses in traditional classes (learn with a class), individualized labs (learn at your own pace), or independent study classes (learn at home).

DACE counselors review student transcripts and provide options for earning a high school diploma or high school equivalency certificate. Click here to see the Diploma Plus Program requirements.

Returning Students  (Estudiantes de Reingreso)


If you have attended any adult school within LAUSD, you are a RETURNING STUDENT.

If you need help, contact one of these advisors: (Academic & HiSET) at , Hector Icedo (Accelerated College & Career Transition, AC2T) at hxi01411@lausd.net, and Eric Spilberg (Teacher Counselor) at ess13531@lausd.net.

After filling out the survey, an advisor will contact you to complete the process of registration.


Si ya has asistido a uno de los centros de educación para adultos en LAUSD, eres un ESTUDIANTE DE REINGRESO.

Si necesitas ayuda, contacta a uno de estos consejeros: (“>), Hector Icedo (Accelerated College & Career Transition, AC2T) (hxi01411@lausd.net),Eric Spilberg (Teacher Counselor) (ess13531@lausd.net).

Después de llenar la encuesta, un consejero te contactará para completar el proceso de matrícula. Gracias!

Thank you for your interest in taking a course at Abram Friedman Occupational Center (AFOC)!

NEW Students ONLY (Estudiantes de Nuevo Ingreso Solamente)

1. Apply via Online Registration

YOU need to complete two forms:

  1. A survey (Click Here: AFOC Interest Survey) and
  2. The enrollment application (Click Here: Apply for Enrollment ).

After filling out both documents, an advisor will contact you to complete your registration. Thank you!


Necesitas completar dos documentos:

  1. Una encuesta (Hacer Clic Aquí: AFOC Interest Survey) y
  2. Forma de registración (Hacer Clic Aquí: Apply For Enrollment).

Después de llenar los dos documentos, un consejero te contactará para completar tú martícula. Gracias!