COURSE DISCLAIMER: The course fees published herein apply to students who pay for a course at the time of registration. Certain courses may require tools, equipment, gear and books; which are available at an additional, separate cost. Course fees may be different to those published herein for sponsored training, which require case management and or invoicing. Course fees for organization (e.g. American Job Centers, WorkSource Centers, YouthSource Centers, EDD, Department of Rehabilitations, etc.) sponsored participants, are governed by the respective agreement recorded through a Memorandum of Understanding and/or Contract. Individuals who are receiving unemployment benefits, have become recently unemployed or have received a “Supplemental Job Displacement” the Workers’ Compensation program, must speak with a CTE Pathway Adviser before enrolling into a course.

High School Diploma Program

The High School Diploma program is designed for students with
varying educational needs. Students may obtain a high school diploma
by completing 170 required credits, or through the diploma plus
option. Classes are completed at the student’s own pace.
Prerequisite: Reading, Math and Writing assessment prior to enrollment.

Adult Basic Education (Pre-High School Preparation)

Students needing to advance in their reading, writing and math skills based on entrance placement testing or identified need, may enroll in targeted subject areas.

Basic Language Arts, Beginning/Intermediate/
Advanced (53-03-81/82/83)
Reading 1 (53-03-64)
Reading 2 (53-03-65)
Reading 3 (53-03-66)
Adult Independent Studies (AIS)

Adult Independent Study offers home study for the high school diploma program. Adult and high school concurrent students complete assignments at home and meet with an instructor on a weekly basis for assistance and testing. The first step is to take a placement test. A minimum of 10.0 Reading level is required to participate. A refundable deposit of $25 is charged at the time of registration. Speak with a counselor for more information.

High School Equivalency (HSE) Distance Learning

Students can prepare for the high school equivalency test ANYTIME, ANYPLACE. Our teachers are now equipped with an online resource to enrich and accelerate learning for students preparing for the HiSET exam. This course is offered through our Adult Independent Studies program. (Preparation is available in English and Spanish.)

Note: The High Equivalency Certificate is recognized by employers, job training programs and community colleges.

High School Equivalency (HSE) Test Preparation
(English and Spanish)

Adults may earn a High School Equivalency Certificate by taking the High School Equivalency Test. Study for the High School Equivalency by taking a High School Equivalency preparation course in the Individualized Instruction Lab and/or in the convenience of your home (Distance Learning). Preparation is available in English and Spanish. The first step is to take the English and Math placement tests (for English version). Students may enroll in the High School Equivalency program at any time in the semester at no cost.

Note: Students must be at least 17 years 10 months of age to take the High School Equivalency test.

Individualized Instruction Lab
Math Lab – ABE/ ASE
Math Lab (Full-Time Young Adult)
VABE/Math (53-04-52)

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